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*All live, online courses include 1 year of access to course recordings & resources

Accessible Yoga Training Online

with Jivana Heyman & guests

Jan 25 - March 5, 2024 | 40 hrs
Tuesdays & Thursdays
11am-1pm PT (USA) | 2pm-4pm ET (USA)
7pm-9pm GMT (UK)
6am-8am (Wed & Fri) AEDT (AUS)

Learn how to design yoga classes where all students can practice together regardless of age, size, ability, or experience level from accessible yoga experts.

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Yoga for Spoonies:
Exploring Practice & Teaching
for Chronic Illness

Feb 28 - March 29, 2024 | 20 hrs
Wednesdays & Fridays
9am-11am PT (USA) | 12pm-2pm ET (USA)
5pm-7pm GMT (UK)

This 10-part series will explore considerations for students and teachers living with chronic illness, chronic pain, and energy limiting conditions.

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Now Available On-Demand

*All on-demand courses include 1 year of access to course recordings & resources

The Essence of Yoga: Making Yoga Philosophy Accessible

with Jivana Heyman & Anjali Rao

 On-Demand | 16 hrs

An eight-part series exploring the key elements of Yoga philosophy, & how we can bring the richness of Yoga philosophy alive.

The goal of this course is to make these sometimes esoteric teachings accessible and applicable so they can support us in our spiritual journey. 

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Chair Yoga for Everyone: 
Learn to Practice & Teach

On-Demand | 13 hrs

Facilitators: Jivana Heyman, with guest presenters, Rodrigo Souza, Melissa Shah, Karen James & Jacquie 'Sunny' Barbee

A 9-part online short-course that explores how to practice and teach yoga safely in a chair, with special considerations for various populations, including older adults and wheelchair users.

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Restorative Yoga Series: 
Making Rest Practices Accessible

On-Demand | 16 hrs

Facilitators: Tamika Caston-Miller, Tejal Patel, Cheri Clampett, Shannon Kaneshige, Indu Arora, Shawn J Moore, Marlysa Sullivan & Jivana Heyman

This 8-part workshop series includes a diverse and dynamic group of presenters who discuss restorative yoga in a broad and inclusive way. 

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Making Pranayama Accessible: 
Overcoming Obstacles
Through the Breath

with Jivana Heyman

On-Demand | 7 hrs

Study & practice the many aspects of the breath to support relaxation, nervous system regulation, preparation for meditation, and spiritual unfolding, focusing on finding safe, welcoming & fun ways to approach these subtle and powerful tools.

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Trauma & Yoga Series: Exploring Power, Privilege & Healing

On-Demand | 14 hrs

Facilitators: Sangeeta Vallabhan, Jenn Turner, Nityda Gessel, Hala Khouri, Mei Lai Swan, Kelly Marshall & Jivana Heyman

A workshop series presented on the ways that trauma impacts different communities, and the role of yoga in addressing that trauma, with an emphasis on nuance rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Transcending Binaries: Yoga, Gender & Embodiment

with the Trans Yoga Project

 On-Demand | 15 hrs

A¬†fresh, deeper take on a ‚Äútrans inclusion 101‚ÄĚ class, expanding beyond basic definitions¬†& concepts.¬†This course allows practitioners of all genders to truly begin dismantling the binaries that are barriers to experiencing and teaching yoga as a bliss and liberation practice.

Course Info & Enrollment

Race & Equity in Yoga:
Disruption As A Practice

with kelley nicole palmer

Coming soon to on-demand!

Get clear on your role in dismantling systems of oppression and activate your yoga practice for social justice. Start working toward the future you believe in with practical tools for self-study, dealing with uncomfortable conversations, and finding your focus. 

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200 hour Accessible Yoga Teacher Training Online

with Jivana Heyman, M Camellia, Anjali Rao & Mukunda Marc Morozumi

A foundational training to help you build a teaching practice that equips you with the tools to share yoga with all students, while celebrating their differences and individuality.

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Yoga & Activism: A Blueprint for Collective Transformation

with Anjali Rao

This program integrates tenets of yoga philosophy, along with concepts from sociology, guiding participants to take an action-oriented approach so we can co-create diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities.

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Conscious Marketing:
Justice-Focused Digital Strategies for Yoga Teachers

with Tristan Katz

Learn to create marketing strategies that work with the time, skills, and knowledge you already have AND align with your values, through the lens of yoga and social justice.

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About Accessible Yoga School

Accessible Yoga School was founded in the summer of 2020 by Jivana Heyman and Amber Karnes. This online school will:

  • Address gatekeeping in yoga by platforming the voices of underestimated and marginalized teachers
  • Address issues of white supremacy in yoga in all of its manifestations: racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, cultural appropriation, and more
  • Provide quality education around equity issues in yoga, including practical tools from trustworthy sources to inform your teaching practice
  • Offer this education in an even more accessible format: 100% online

The Accessible Yoga School will bring you in-depth courses, mentorship programs, study groups, book clubs, and more, led by yoga educators from communities who embody and share the values of interconnectedness and liberation that are the heart of yoga’s teachings.

Learn more

What Our Students Are Saying

Wonderful and rich experience

“I'd recommend the Accessible Yoga Training to a friend because it is a wonderful and rich experience, thanks to the organizers and the speakers. Each day, the Training helps us to connect to the true essence of Yoga and of our being. I've found so many tools to teach Yoga to so different populations. This Training is so important to help everybody to have access to Yoga.”

-Gabrielle Auffret, Accessible Yoga Training Online Participant

Gave me relief and more ease

“My biggest takeaway / a-ha! moment in the Accessible Yoga Training was the moment I realized that we all are temporarily abled bodied. After watching one of the first video's here on the website I realized that this gave me relief and more ease. And it was so good to be around people with the same intentions. This has an enormous effect on how we learn and can stay open to what is presented.”

-Astrid, Accessible Yoga Training Online Participant