Reimagining Everything: A Guided Meditation with kelley nicole palmer

"If we are going to move it forward, stop leaning into performative allyship, and really build solidarity and community in an authentic way, we’re gonna have to think about it from a new angle. We’re gonna have to think outside of what we’ve been told is normal, right, best, and good."

—kelley nicole palmer

In this short, guided meditation, kelley nicole palmer offers grounding and fortification as she calls us into the work of reimagining our world and co-creating a reality that aligns with our collective visions for justice, equity, and liberation.


What Now? An Invitation to Imagine New Possibilities
FREE Mini-Workshop on Thursday โคต๏ธ

Ever think that there’s got to be another way?

Join kelley nicole palmer for a time to feel, think and imagine new possibilities for growing and fostering spaces to build a more authentic, equitable and sustainable future for wellness in our communities.

In this FREE mini-workshop, kelley nicole will facilitate a space that centers racial equity and social justice as grounding principles as she:

  • Guides us to rethink how we offer practices like yoga
  • Invites us to investigate some of the stories they we holding about what is possible
  • Offers us the space to imagine bold visions for our collective futures
  • And much more!

kelley nicole will also discuss her upcoming virtual program, Re-Imagine It All: An Immersive to Center Healing, Joy & Liberation, beginning October 4th.

Plus, mini-workshop attendees will also be entered into a giveaway! kelley nicole will offer a one-hour private coaching session to one participant who joins live.

Thursday, September 22 at noon EDT (9am PDT)
FREE - replay available for registrants 



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