Transcending Binaries:

Yoga, Gender & Embodiment


A 15-hour online training facilitated by Trans Yoga Project co-founders: Zel Amanzi, Noha Arafa, Rebby Kern, Puja Singh Titchkosky, M Camellia & Daniel Sannito


Check out the Trans 101: Lanuage Matters 1-hour webinar replay with Puja Singh Titchkosky & M Camellia as a free preview of this on-demand online training



13 hours of pre-recorded training
+ reflection invitations, prompts & resources

Access replays & resources for 1 year

*Training was recorded live in November 2022

Now includes the replay of a BONUS Q&A with the Trans Yoga Project co-founders, recorded live in June 2023

*Completion of this online training will make RYTs eligible for 15 Continuing Education hours through Yoga Alliance

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This course, designed for yoga practitioners and teachers of all gender experiences, will take a yogic approach to the exploration of gender, using the koshas as a model for journeying into a deeper understanding of our own practices, bodies, identities, and states of bliss.

This is a fresh, deeper take on a “trans inclusion 101” class, expanding beyond basic definitions and concepts and allowing practitioners of all genders to truly begin dismantling the binaries that are barriers to experiencing and teaching yoga as a bliss and liberation practice.

We will explore “transgender inclusion” within a more expansive historical, counter-colonial, abolitionist, and liberatory framework.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in svadhyaya and embodiment practices to unlearn gender myths for themselves, and if applicable, their students and studios.

The course will include both trans/gender-expansive and cisgender affinity spaces, as well as resources and reflection assignments for continued study between sessions.

Curious about Transcending Binaries and want to learn more about the facilitators and this offering?

Check out this 1-hour introductory webinar as a free course preview!

Trans 101:
Language Matters


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In this mini-workshop, Trans Yoga Project co-founders Puja Singh Titchkosky & M Camellia laid the groundwork for deeper conversations about gender and equity, offering a primer on language that will help you:

  • Build your gender justice vocabulary with important terms and definitions
  • Transcend binaries in your everyday language
  • Ensure you address people of all genders with care and respect, and more!

They also discussed the Trans Yoga Project’s online training, Transcending Binaries: Yoga, Gender & Embodiment (now available on-demand!)


Transcending Binaries:
Yoga, Gender & Embodiment

Session 1

Build community, culture, & understanding

  • In this session we will work to co-create a brave space for learning and exploration, cultivating community aspirations and getting acquainted with some foundational concepts from yoga and gender justice that will pave our path through the rest of this course.  

Session 2

Embody liberation & self-rule

  • In this session we will discuss many of the social impediments to gender liberation, including legal discrimination, the carceral system, and segregation. Through an abolitionist lens, we will also look at our paths forward, towards a culture of bodily autonomy, freedom of expression, and community sovereignty. 

Session 3

Practice non-attachment & examine your motivations

  • In this session we will discuss race, class, gender, and ability as interrelated social constructs and begin to dismantle some of the harmful internalizations that hold us back and keep us disembodied. We will also engage in self-study, inquiring with our own senses and sources of authority. 

Session 4

Deeply consider impacts, accountability, & the roles we play in liberatory work

  • In this session we will distinguish between intention and impact and discuss how we can show up for one another responsibly and transformatively. We will also think about the individual and collective opportunities we have to transcend binaries and move towards justice.  

About the Trans Yoga Project

The Trans Yoga Project is a collaborative effort supporting Trans* people's spiritual wellness through community (re)education, advocacy within the yoga and wellness industries, community building, and the creation of supportive and affirming content and guided practices by and for Trans* and non-binary people. This group has committed to both internal and external work in service to ALL Trans*, non-binary, and queer siblings, and thus is vested in dismantling all systems of oppression, including White Supremacy and Capitalism in all of their manifestations.

The project's eight original co-founders and collaborators are all queer, Trans*, and non-binary yoga and meditation teachers based throughout the United States. This group originally joined forces to offer a single online Trans & Queer Inclusion Workshop for wellness professionals in August 2020; however, throughout the organizing process, the collective power of this group to fill additional resource gaps and break down down barriers to access for queer, Trans*, and non-binary practitioners became evident.

The original collaborators stayed on to create what is now the Trans Yoga Project, going through a collective visioning process which resulted in the hard launch of the project’s current iteration in November 2020, currently maintained by six of the original co-founders, M Camellia (they/them), Puja Singh Titchkosky (they/them), Zel Amanzi (they/he), Noha Arafa (they/she), Daniel Sannito (they/them) & Rebby Kern (they/them).

To learn more about the Trans Yoga Project please visit,

Meet Your Facilitators

A photo of Mei Lai, a Eurasian woman with long hair, smiling

Zel Amanzi (they/he)

Zel (they/he) is a multiply-neurodivergent and agender transbeing. Other identities include writer, hobby gardener and obsessive typewriter collector.

Formerly a classroom teacher and food sovereignty organizer, they now integrate their M.S. Ed in Social Justice Education and various certifications in energy work as a counter-colonial Sacred Energy Educator.

In addition to building Trans Yoga Project, Zel is the founder and director or Transgressive Medicine, a meditation and sound practitioner with CutiesLA, a trainer with Transgender Training Institute, and a writer for Translash Media. Their work uplifts the liberatory practices of disability justice, neurodiversity, transgender liberation and intersectionality.

Get to know Zel: | @transgressivemedicine 

A photo of Kelly, a white transmasculine non-binary person sitting in a chair with plants behind them. They are smiling into the camera and wearing a black tank. They have tattoos on their arms and they are wearing eye makeup.

Rebby Kern (they/them)

Rebby Kern is a wandering spirit shining light into the lives of others. Rebby’s personal mission is to operate from connection, seeking justice and empowering voices. Rebby generates space for connection, empowerment and self-discovery through their 10+ years in LGBTQ policy and activism drawing connections to yoga asana and philosophy while uplifting experiences of historically underestimated identities. Their experience drives their passion to include diverse identities around race, gender identity, sexual orientation, body, disability and more.

Rebby is an awarded national facilitator on race equity, gender justice and queer liberation within Rebby Kern Yoga, HRC Welcoming Schools and All Children All Families, as well as a consultant to educators, wellness leaders and professionals. In Charlotte, Rebby started the first in-studio Queer Yoga classes through NoDa Yoga, and expand availability of trans and queer affirming yoga and wellness spaces. Rebby has reached youth and adults through yoga and wellness practices across North Carolina, and expanded Queer Yoga offerings online during 2020.

Rebby serves as the Director of Education Policy at Equality NC, advocating for and investing in young change makers, supporting policy reform and implementing LGBTQ-inclusive training and professional development across North Carolina. Rebby also serves as a board member of Youth OUTright, empowering LGBTQIA youth. As a person in recovery for 10 years, Rebby is a facilitator for Yoga 12-Step Recovery, connecting yoga, neuroscience, and the practical tools of 12-step programs. 

Get to know Rebby: | @rebbykern 

M Camellia

Puja Singh Titchkosky (they/them)

Mx Puja aka Puja Singh Titchkosky (they/them) is a queer, non-binary trans,  Indian-Canadian, yoga, meditation and music teacher based in Los Angeles, California (born in Vancouver, BC). Their work focuses on helping people tune into the power of the Universe, slow down, practice presence and find their unique voice in order to more fully and joyfully express themselves in any and all areas of their life.

Coming from an Indian background (Punjabi Sikh) and being deeply in love with India from a young age, Puja is constantly learning more about their own lineage and the practices and traditions that come from this beautiful land and culture. Puja’s work is informed by and shared through a lens of decolonization and the dismantling of oppressive systems of power (homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, fat phobia, etc).

Puja teaches private and public asana, meditation + music classes as well as offering workshops on yoga, meditation, kirtan and more. You can sign up for Puja’s mailing list to get updates on upcoming events, new offerings, etc.

Get to know Puja: |  @mxpujasingh

A photo of Sangeeta, a South Asian woman in a black turtleneck, smiling.

Noha Arafa (they/she)

Noha Arafa (they/she), Esq., RYT-500, is an Egyptian, Queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, person of color, a human rights attorney, movement and mindfulness teacher, and trauma  survivor. Noha is the founder of Our Ancestors’ Children, which offers community-based, accessible, trauma-informed movement and meditation classes, and co-founded the Trans Yoga Project, which creates Trans, Non-Binary and Queer-affirming healing spaces through class offerings, education, and community building. They have worked in human rights law and advocacy since 2001, advocating on behalf of asylees, refugees, protestors, and survivors of gender-based, police, and carceral violence through direct legal representation and grassroots community organizing. Through their offerings, Noha aims to honor the roots of Yoga and empower their students with resources for self-regulation, self- care and collective care.  Their work centers BIPOC, Trans, Queer, neurodivergent people and people living with PTSD and C-PTSD.  They are particularly interested in the intersections of Yoga, mental health, disability justice, and social and economic justice, and believe everyone has a fundamental human right to health, healing, and rest. Noha is based in Los Angeles on occupied Tongva-Gabrieliño, Chumash, and Kizh land.

Get to know Noha: | @ourancestorschildren 

A photo of Hala, a light skinned woman sitting cross legged and smiling.

M Camellia (they/them)

M Camellia (they/them) is a yoga teacher and advocate, called to create profoundly accessible spaces for self-inquiry by integrating mindfulness and adaptive movement practices with the spirit of social justice. They believe that the goal of yoga, as of life, is collective liberation and in turn challenge contemporary yoga practitioners to dismantle the systems and beliefs that hold us all back.

M teaches group and private classes in the Washington DC Metro Area and as a Founding Instructor on the online class platform Core to Coeur. They offer regular workshops exploring queer identity, body image, and agency. Beyond their direct work with students, M co-leads the Yoga & Body Image Coalition and trains teachers in accessible teaching methods for all bodies and abilities through their one-on-one teacher mentorship program and as an Accessible Yoga Trainer, and manages operations for Accessible Yoga Trainings internationally. 

They’ve been called a “tour-de-force of encouraging radical self-love” (DC Refined) and listed among the “top thinkers and activists in the field of body positivity” (OmStars). M lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with their two cats, Matcha and Chai.

Get to know M: | @foundspaceyoga

A photo of Jenn, a white woman with brown hair wearing a pink sweater and jeans seated on a grey couch.

Daniel Sannito (they/them)

Daniel (they/them) moves through this world as a trans, non-binary educator, writer, and facilitator of yoga asana and meditation. They share offerings inspired by over ten years of personal practice and study in various yoga and meditation traditions.

The focus of Daniel’s teachings is returning to connection and heart centered living in all aspects. Rooted in heart-forward connection, Daniel dedicates their voice to creating space for all beings to explore and connect to themselves fully and deeply. The space Daniel holds is focused on honoring the experience of each person showing up exactly as they are and creating opportunity for the true nature of these liberatory practices to shine through.

Daniel is a founding collaborator of the Trans Yoga Project and writer and consultant with Chopra. Alongside this work, they lead private and public yoga asana and meditation classes as well as offering workshops and trainings both in person in the Charlotte area and virtually. 

Get to know Daniel: | @danielsannito

Truly Inclusive

"@TransYogaProject is an amazing resource for yoga teachers, a platform run by trans yoga teachers to educate & inspire others to create truly inclusive & decolonized containers for all beings to explore the liberatory practices of yoga."

– Elena Mae McDonough (she/her)

Trans Joy

"Trans joy is living my truth, without apology or explanation. It's embracing every aspect of who I am, without letting anyone or anything tell me who I should be, or how I should be showing up in the world... Trans joy, and my joy, is returning home to myself, every single day."

– Daniel Sannito (they/them)


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