3 Traditional Marketing
Rules to Break

with Tristan Katz

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(recorded live on April 10th, 2024)

In a time of constant change and collective distress, and amidst an ever-evolving digital landscape, now like never before we’re in a position to challenge old-school marketing approaches that feel depleting and at-odds with the work we share in our communities.

In this free online workshop, digital strategist Tristan Katz shared three outdated rules to leave behind, along with three ways to reimagine our marketing strategies, including:

  • Centering Relationship vs Centering Transaction
  • Disrupting Perfectionism
  • Interrupting Business as Usual

Check out the replay of this insightful discussion, which explores challenging the status quo, and innovative ways to break free from marketing constraints that are likely no longer serving you, your work, or your audience. 

Whether you're a seasoned yoga teacher-entrepreneur, or new to the field, this workshop will inspire fresh thinking and spark new ideas for your marketing strategies and content.

Tristan also discussed the curriculum and overview of their course, Conscious Marketing: Justice-focused Digital Strategies - now available for On-Demand enrollment for a limited time, which features special guest presenters, Raudhah Rahman, Ilya Parker and Brooke Monaghan.

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Tristan Katz (they/he) is a writer, educator, digital strategist, and equity-inclusion facilitator. They offer training and consulting on gender equity, trans inclusion, queer competency, and justice-focused marketing practices. Tristan’s intention is to share this work with an anti-oppression and intersectional lens.

Tristan is honored to have worked with and supported organizations and clients such as Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Accessible Yoga School, HubSpot, Stanford University’s YogaX program, Northwest Harvest, LoveYourBrain, Breathe for Change, Williston Northampton School, and so many more.

He was named one of Yoga Journal’s 2021 Game Changers and awarded the Reclamation Ventures grant in Spring 2021 to expand his offerings and dedicate time to writing their first book.

Tristan has more than fifteen years of experience in digital strategies and marketing. They have learned that marketing doesn’t have to follow the rules of dominant culture, that our identities—both privileged and marginalized, are an inherent part of our businesses and professional growth, and that branding is so much more than a logo, color palette, and font selection.

As a digital strategist and equity-inclusion facilitator, Tristan's goal is ultimately to embrace the intersections of social change, collective liberation, and entrepreneurship. He believes that marketing is really a matter of teaching, of discovering our voice, practicing solidarity, and showing up over and over again—in different ways, to share about the work we do in the world.

Connect with Tristan: | @tristankatzcreative

Tristan Katz