What Is Power Yoga, Anyway? Exploring Strengthening Practices in Accessible Yoga

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In these times, with so much happening in the world and our lives, it’s so important to take time for rest and integration. And at the same time it’s supportive to build our strength and resilience through our yoga practices. Many people equate Accessible Yoga with an asana practice that is gentle or unchallenging, yet we all benefit from building strength — physically and spiritually. 

The goal is to find a practice that allows us to rediscover our inherent power, and to explore it in a way that is both safe and beneficial to ourselves and the collective. On a physical level we can learn to build strength and resilience without causing injury. 

There are two ways we can do this. In chair yoga and bed yoga there are many ways to add elements to the practice to build strength, both through isometric and isotonic exercises. In addition, the practice can support each student in a way that works for all bodies and considers injury, disability, and age. 

In the context of the yoga teachings, strength is considered the depth of our inner spiritual connection. Rather than simply focusing on physical strength, we can also consider how yoga supports us in building faith, and a deeper relationship with ourselves. 

Join Jivana Heyman for a FREE two-part series that will explore building strength through the lens of accessibility. 

Session 1: Class (1 hr)

Accessible Yoga for Strength Practice
with Jivana Heyman


Recorded live December 7, 2023

When we adapt yoga, do we lose some of the benefits? In particular, is the strengthening aspect of asana lost? 

In this FREE 60-minute strengthening accessible yoga practice guided by Jivana Heyman, we’ll work on building strength without injury by consciously bringing in strengthening elements.

In particular, we’ll explore how to build strength safely in adaptive mat practice, chair yoga, and bed yoga.

We’ll also explore subtle practices of relaxation, pranayama, and meditation to build our spiritual connection.

Jivana ends with a short info session about our Accessible Yoga Training Online (interest list for Fall 2024 cohort currently open).

Session 2: Mini-Workshop (1 hr)

How to Build Strength & Faith Through Accessible Yoga with Jivana Heyman


Recorded live January 18, 2024

In this FREE 60-minute workshop with by Jivana Heyman, we’ll dive deeper into the role of strengthening within the context of a holistic practice.
This includes physical strengthening without injury as well as establishing an unwavering connection with our inner power in a way that is safe and beneficial for ourselves and the world.

We’ll explore:

  • Building strength in Accessible Yoga
  • Avoiding injury in asana practice
  • Building resilience through relaxation, pranayama and meditation
  • Building spiritual strength and faith through an effective practice
  • Deepening our spiritual connection and building faith

Jivana ends with a short info session our Accessible Yoga Training Online (interest list for Fall 2024 cohort currently open).

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