Teaching Meditation with Tracee Stanley

Season #2

“All we're doing is preparing for that moment, where grace just drops in." - Tracee Stanley

The subtle practices of yoga, like yoga nidra and meditation, are among the most accessible forms of yoga. When we release the burden of expectation around these practices and realize there is no perfect form or outcome, we can discover their gifts.

Join Jivana Heyman and guest, Tracee Stanley, as they explore the transformative subtle practices of yoga. Discover how these practices can be both accessible and profound, offering insights into our true selves and the true state of yoga. 

Topics include:

  1. Pratyahara and inner awareness
  2. Redefining what makes a yoga practice "advanced"
  3. Deconstructing ideas about meditation
  4. Surrender and dedication
  5. Cultural appropriation in Western yoga 
  6. Embracing a beginner’s mind
  7. Tracee’s new book, The Luminous Self


Check out Jivana’s new book, The Teacher’s Guide to Accessible Yoga, and get more information about the book on his website.

Connect with Jivana:

www.jivanaheyman.com@jivanaheyman   |  facebook.com/jivanaheyman


Tracee Stanley (she/her) is the author of the bestselling book Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation and Awakened Clarity and The Luminous Self: Sacred Yogic Practices & Rituals to Remember Who You Are. Tracee is the founder of Empowered Life Circle, a sacred community and portal of practices, rituals, and Tantric teachings inspired by more than 25 years of studentship in Sri Vidya Tantra and the teachings of the Himalayan Masters. Tracee is devoted to sharing the wisdom of yoga nidra, rest, meditation, self-inquiry, nature as a teacher, and ancestor reverence. 

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Plus, Tracee is a guest presenter in our 19-hour online training, Making Meditation Accessible. Learn more here.


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