The Value of Mentorship & Community in Business Growth

The COVID-19 pandemic has really affected how we view mentors and mentorship. Navigating these times, amidst isolation and online burn-out, can be an ongoing challenge. One of the questions many of us might be sitting with is, "how do we make our online offerings richer?"

In this short video, Pamela Stokes Eggleston and Amina Naru share thoughts on these topics, questions, and challenges, and speak to the value of mentorship and community as we seek to grow our work in the world.


Join us for our upcoming mini-workshop,
Scaling our Work in the Pandemic

In this free online offering, Pam and Amina will discuss topics like the challenges of running a business in year three of COVID, lessons learned, take-aways, and opportunities for growth, the importance of community support, along with action steps to consider, and more!

Pam and Amina will also discuss the curriculum and overview of their upcoming course, Retreat to Spirit: Connecting Yoga Business to Service, commencing March 3rd, and they’ll give away one FREE spot in this online mentorship program! 

The free mini-workshop will be held on Tuesday, February 15th, 
3pm-4pm Pacific (Los Angeles) // 6pm-7pm Eastern (New York)

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