Making asana accessible with Jivana Heyman

“What we’re really looking at in the training is how we can move forward—forward into a yoga that is accessible, equitable, and effective for anyone who is interested in practicing.”  - Jivana Heyman


The future is accessible. 

In this video, Accessible Yoga Founder Jivana Heyman talks about the importance of making asana accessible and introduces some of the essential skills covered in the Accessible Yoga Training Online that empower our graduates to do just that.

“Any time you’re teaching a group class, you’re teaching a mixed-level class because everyone’s needs are incredibly diverse.”  - Jivana Heyman


Ready to empower yourself and your students and meet the diverse needs of every body in the studio?

The next cohort for Jivana’s groundbreaking, 30-hour online training is forming soon. Join the waitlist to make sure you’re notified when enrollment opens!

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