A Short Practice for Letting Go of Fear

What are you afraid of?

Does fear ever hold you back? Does it keep you from making changes, speaking up, or taking action?

Most importantly, what tools do you have to help you confront and overcome that fear?

In this accessible asana class, Jivana leads a short practice focused on letting go of fear, empowering you to retain your agency and continue taking meaningful action even when it scares you.

Don’t have time for 20-minute yoga practice right now? Download this video for later.

We get it.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new perspectives can be scary. But it’s a fear we all must face if we want to grow and expand as yoga teachers.

The Accessible Yoga Training Online is a 30-hour continuing education course designed to challenge popular notions about who can do yoga while helping you hone your accessible teaching skills by tapping into your innate creativity.

The training will also help you learn:

  • how to determine safe and appropriate variations of common asanas for a range of physical abilities.
  • how to create integrated Accessible Yoga classes where students of different abilities can practice together,
  • how to make your classes welcoming to everyone, to empower students with agency, and to approach students in a trauma-informed way.
  • how to apply the teachings of yoga philosophy in day-to-day life to reduce stress, create more balance and develop authentic connections with yourself and others.

With ample opportunities for questions, discussion, teaching practice, and community-building, expanding towards skillful, accessible teaching doesn’t have to be scary.

Ready to grow with us?

The next Accessible Yoga Training Online with Jivana Heyman begins January 22nd! Enrollment is now OPEN.

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