Guided meditation for sitting with discomfort


Conversations around race and equity are difficult, and for many people cause a lot of discomfort.

The topic is personal to everyone. Our egos flare up (“I’m not racist!”). Our old, unhelpful patterns show up (avoidance, defensiveness). Our socialization in this culture keeps us from seeing ourselves clearly when it comes to the difficult topic of systems of oppression and our place in those systems. Our brains try to keep us safe by avoiding, getting defensive, or acting confused.

“Breath by breath, we bravely sit with what we’ve run from. Breath by breath, we bravely invite discomfort, knowing that it is our place of growth.”

All that makes it seem difficult to move past our conditioning and fears and work toward a more just world. But the practice of yoga gives us the tools to work with our fear and uncomfortable feelings.

Join kelley nicole palmer for this free guided meditation to help you sit with discomfort as you commit to the work of dismantling systems of oppression within and around you.  

Get more practical tools for working through discomfort and living your values of equity in yoga

Join Kelley for Race & Equity in Yoga: Disruption as a Practice, a 12-hour online course for yoga teachers. This course is designed to help you get clear on your role in dismantling systems of oppression and activate your yoga practice for social justice.

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