Turn Your Beliefs Into Actions: Self-Study Prompts from kelley nicole palmer

"Belief initiates and guides action—or it does nothing."
— Octavia E. Butler


My belief is in collective action. We are living an intertwined existence with every other being on this planet. Our choices about resources, care, community, and justice are impacting much more than we realize. It is this belief in collective actions that makes me feel like yoga has the space to transform social justice when engaged intentionally. This practice gives us access to many tools that make the space for us to investigate, unlearn, and confront systems of oppression. The practice gives us the tools to look inward as a starting place for that change.

I want to offer some self-study questions for you to consider as you think about engaging in social justice, activism, and the push for collective liberation. Create a comfortable space for yourself before engaging these questions. Give yourself about 5 minutes to write about each question and make time to re-read what you put down on paper. Take a deep, cleansing breath and dig in:

  • What were you taught about race, racism, and systems of oppression by the community that raised you?

  • What were you taught about yourself in respect to race by the community that raised you?

  • How has what you were taught about race, racism, and systems of oppression impacted your choices about the life you are living? (ex. Where you live, where you spend your money, what you hold as valuable)


Towards Liberation, 
kelley nicole palmer (she/her)


Understanding Our Role: Solidarity & Justice in Wellness
with kelley nicole palmer

In this mini-workshop, kelley nicole will share thoughts on understanding our role in creating equitable and authentic healing spaces that offer a sustainable way to disrupt systems of oppression.

kelley nicole will speak to:

  • the difference between solidarity versus charity
  • equity as a ‘self' practice rather than an ‘other' practice
  • and so much more!

kelley nicole will also share about her upcoming course, Race & Equity in Yoga: Disruption as a Practice.

Mini-workshop attendees will also be entered into a giveaway! kelley nicole will offer a one-hour private coaching session for three participants who join live.

Tuesday, July 26th, 2022
10am-11am Pacific (Los Angeles) // 1pm-2pm Eastern (New York)
Live online via Zoom
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