Compassionate Leadership & Mentorship for Yoga Teachers & Business Owners [Podcast 034]

In Episode 34 of the Accessible Yoga Podcast, Jivana Heyman welcomes Pamela Stokes Eggleston and Amina Naru to talk about compassionate leadership and mentorship for yoga teachers. Pamela and Amina are two yoga service leaders and the co-founders of Retreat To Spirit - a mentorship organization that helps yoga teachers realize their potential, build their businesses according to yogic principles, and learn how to support themselves with their practice on and off the mat. Pamela and Amina share how self-care and mentorship helped foster their yoga careers and talk about connecting to your “why.” Finally, they share details about their upcoming Retreat To Spirit Mentorship course here at the Accessible Yoga Training School, which opens for enrollment next week.

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This week on the podcast:

  • Pamela and Amina introduce themselves and talk about the work they do in the world
  • They talk about the genesis of Retreat To Spirit - an organization that helps yoga teachers and practitioners realize their potential and how to incorporate the more subtle aspects of yoga into their lives and businesses (on and off the mat)
  • What is compassionate leadership - how can we lead and teach from the heart? How does our practice show up in the work you are doing?
  • Why yoga teachers should see themselves as leaders and what leadership isn’t
  • How your conscious relationship with yourself informs the way you show up as a leader
  • Why refilling your cup through self-care is crucial for leaders in a position of service
  • What is a mentor, what they can offer to a yoga teacher, and why is mentorship important
  • They discuss their new Retreat To Spirit Mentorship course and how teachers will be able to reconnect to their purpose and develop their businesses and careers through this course
  • How mentorship can help you be more resilient through change or get you inspired to create something new
  • Amina shares how started working in yoga service for incarcerated populations and addiction recovery
  • Pamela talks about how she used her networking skills to begin working with veterans and military families
  • How a conscious relationship with yourself can help connect your service to your purpose and identity and help you avoid saviorism
  • How collaboration and building powerful community networks serves us all
  • Pamela closes out this episode with a meditation practice

About Pamela & Amina

Starting April 1, Pamela and Amina will be facilitating Retreat To Spirit Mentorship: Connecting Your Yoga Business To Heart-Centered Service. This three-month mentorship explores how your work as a yoga or wellness practitioner can be expanded into a form of service to humanity. You'll select a project for our time together like a relaunch of your yoga studio, starting a series of online workshops, or building an online community. Over the course of our three months together you’ll get a chance to build on that vision and formulate a plan to make it a reality. Check out the details and join the interest list here. Enrollment opens March 23. Scholarships and sliding scale tuition are available.

Amina and Pamela are the co-founders of Retreat to Spirit, and deeply passionate about their work in assisting the paradigm shift that is taking place on our beloved mother earth. As internationally recognized leaders in the field of service and yoga with over 30 years of combined experience, their unique leadership style provides people who are seeking more joy, peace, and happiness with tools, mentorship, education and compassionate spaces for growth. Their collaborative work with Retreat to Spirit is based in yoga teachings, social justice and helping others find the right balance of self-care, business strategy, and service in these spaces.


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