Who Me? Unraveling
Imposter Syndrome with Yoga

with Jivana Heyman & Anjali Rao

Access the replay of this workshop recorded live October 25th, 2023

Imposter Syndrome stops so many of us from putting ourselves out into the world and pursuing our true purpose. Yoga philosophy has a lot to say about this in terms of the way our minds work and how to serve in the world.

Check out the replay of Anjali and Jivana's conversation about how we can engage with the yoga teachings to address imposter syndrome.

This includes resisting dominant culture conditioning; exploring the teachings as a path of knowing yourself; and peeling back the layers that hold you back. 

Jivana & Anjali also share about their new upcoming online course, The Essence of Yoga: Making Yoga Philosophy Accessible, which begins November 8th!

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