Understanding Our Role: Solidarity & Justice in Wellness

with kelley nicole palmer

*Recording now available for free webinar,
held Tuesday July 26, 2022

The work of equity, justice, and solidarity must be sustainable in order to make true change. This sustainability relies less on our outward actions and more on the efforts we make to turn inward, to engage in self-inquiry, and to commit to our individual work so we can each show up fully.

In this mini-workshop with kelley nicole palmer, she shared thoughts on understanding our role in creating equitable and authentic healing spaces that offer a sustainable way to disrupt systems of oppression.

kelley nicole spoke to:

  • the difference between solidarity versus charity
  • equity as a ‘self' practice rather than an ‘other' practice
  • and so much more!

kelley nicole also shared about her upcoming course, Race & Equity in Yoga: Disruption As a Practice, which begins August 9th. This 12-hr live, online training will support you in getting clear on your role in dismantling systems of oppression. You’ll learn to activate your yoga practice for social justice

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About kelley nicole

kelley nicole palmer (she/her) is a Black, queer creative, and community advocate based in Charlotte NC. kelley nicole uses the practices and philosophy of yoga to guide her work in creating equitable and sustainable access to wellness for BIPOC. Along with teaching movement, meditation, and contemplative practices, Kelley leads retreats, hosts workshops, and contributes to multiple teacher training programs. Kelley also works as a race equity educator, working to create collaborative learning and self-study spaces where inquiry-based learning brings new perspectives, insights, and action. 

kelley nicole is a writer and collage artist focusing that work on black liberation, wholeness, and healing. kelley nicole serves as a founding member of The Sanctuary In The City, a Charlotte-based non-profit that focuses on equitable healing spaces for BIPOC all over the world. kelley nicole also serves as a trainer for Accessible Yoga School. To learn more about kelley nicole please visit, www.kelleynicolepalmer.com


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