Trans 101: Language Matters

with co-founders, M Camellia and Puja Singh Titchkosky, on behalf of the Trans Yoga Project

*Webinar replay, recorded live in October 2022, and FREE preview of Transcending Binaries: Yoga, Gender & Embodiment - online course, now available on-demand!

In this free mini-workshop, two of the Trans Yoga Project co-founders Puja Singh Titchkosky (they/them) and M Camellia (they/them) laid the groundwork for deeper conversations about gender and equity, offering a primer on language that will help you:

  • Build your gender justice vocabulary with important terms and definitions
  • Transcend binaries in your everyday language
  • Ensure you address people of all genders with care and respect
  • And more!

Puja and M also discussed the Trans Yoga Project’s virtual program, Transcending Binaries: Yoga, Gender & Embodiment (held live & online in November 2022, now available on-demand!)

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About the Trans Yoga Project

The Trans Yoga Project is a collaborative effort supporting Trans* people's spiritual wellness through community (re)education, advocacy within the yoga and wellness industries, community building, and the creation of supportive and affirming content and guided practices by and for Trans* and non-binary people. This group has committed to both internal and external work in service to ALL Trans*, non-binary, and queer siblings, and thus is vested in dismantling all systems of oppression, including White Supremacy and Capitalism in all of their manifestations.

The project's eight original co-founders and collaborators are all queer, Trans*, and non-binary yoga and meditation teachers based throughout the United States. This group originally joined forces to offer a single online Trans & Queer Inclusion Workshop for wellness professionals in August 2020; however, throughout the organizing process, the collective power of this group to fill additional resource gaps and break down down barriers to access for queer, Trans*, and non-binary practitioners became evident. 

The original collaborators stayed on to create what is now the Trans Yoga Project, going through a collective visioning process which resulted in the hard launch of the project’s current iteration in November 2020, currently maintained by six of the original co-founders, M Camellia (they/them), Puja Singh Titchkosky (they/them), Zel Amanzi (they/he), Noha Arafa (they/she), Daniel Sannito (they/them) & Rebby Kern (they/them).

To learn more about the Trans Yoga Project please visit,

Tristan Katz