What Our Students Are Saying

Significant impact...

“Jivana continues to share his immense educational experiences with all members of Accessible Yoga.  His strong commitment during classes, teacher training, and conferences has a significant impact on our yoga practice and our teaching styles.  Thank you Jivana for being such an approachable, compassionate person.”
- Char Grossman

The content was amazing...

“The content, itself, was amazing…. I was happy to learn of all the possible formats for modification–wall, chair, floor/bed–as well as to be able to experience the modifications themselves. I could see that with a little imagination and courage (which I’m in the process of mustering), I can, with the guidance of my client(s)/student(s), know how to proceed in making them (and myself) comfortable.”

-Michele Peterson

The best I have ever experienced...

“Thank you for a most wonderful training, and for your encouragement and kindness. The caliber of your trainings thus far have been the best I have ever experienced and I am looking forward to learning everything you know.”
- Luana Knowlton

Highly recommend...

“Jivana has a wonderful teaching style that leaves a lot of room for discussion and sharing within the modules. I learned so much from him and the discussions among the students. I highly recommend this training to any yoga teacher.”

-Sharon Genung

My heart is full...

“My heart is full from the positive response and feedback I’ve received after sharing just some of the things I learned or were reinforced in your AY training…. ESPECIALLY, at the senior center!!! I received the most feedback from that group, particularly on the subject of commercialization of yoga and this biased, non inclusive image of what a “yogi” looks like. Already, I’ve slowed down my classes (even the Pilates-inspired one), we’ve made our moves more mindful and purposeful and my students know before they leave class that yoga is steadiness of the mind. I can’t thank you enough.”
- Erik Fuentes

Perfect foundation...

“I took the training three years ago and it was the starting point of my “yoga career”. I’ve been teaching accessible yoga classes for two years now and Jivana’s training just gave me the perfect foundation for that. In my classes I never feel insecure or unable to cope with my students and that’s thanks to the training! You not only get the chance to learn to teach people with disabilities, you’ll also deepen your own yoga practice – both physically and philosophically. Jivana has a great way to include Patanjali’s Sutras in the training and his warm and inspiring personality has made him a real guru for me. I could just listen to him for hours and hours. So, I’ll definitely recommend to take the training.”

-Katja Sandschneider

A tremendous experience...

“Jivana’s Accessible Yoga Training was a tremendous experience. It was filled with a plethora of wisdom and yogic inspiration. Months later, I am still amazed by the way this information is broadening my teaching style, increasing my confidence, and providing an even deeper awareness that yoga is for every body. Accessibility is necessary and what Jivana is doing is creating a path for all to practice and teach with integrity so we can all be free from suffering.”
- Sarit Rogers

I was truly blown away...

“I was truly blown away at how much I learned while I was there! I was greatly in need of hands-on, practical applications (and variations) to make the yoga I teach more accessible than it already is, and I definitely got that!”

-Natalie Dunbar

It really touched my heart.

“I definitely learned a lot and had a wonderful experience with you and with the class. I think this class changes people’s perspective; what is life and how should we think about life, especially when working with people in a wheelchair. It really touched my heart. I felt that I had to look into myself and see who I am really and what I can offer to other people who need it. I myself came to realize that I am so fortunate to be with those people. For one reason is that seeing them happy and encouraged to live life fully, regardless of their situation.”
- Gabriella Piazza

More prepared than my 200-hour...

“I can honestly say, I feel more prepared after this training than I did a whole month in my 200-hour teacher training. I am inspired and have already used so much of what I have learned in teaching and in my personal practice. I can’t thank everyone enough for this transformational and loving training.”

-Elizabeth Sosner

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