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Restorative Yoga Series:

Making Rest Practices Accessible

An eight-part workshop series exploring the obstacles to making yoga’s rest practices truly accessible for everyone who is interested in practicing them.

Featuring Tamika Caston-Miller, Tejal Patel,
Cheri Clampett, Shannon Kaneshige, Indu Arora,
Shawn J Moore, Marlysa Sullivan & Jivana Heyman


16 hours of pre-recorded workshops

Enrollment includes 1 year of access to workshop series replays, recorded live in April-May 2023, and accompanying resources

*Completion of this workshop series will make RYTs eligible for 16 Continuing Education hours through Yoga Alliance.

$255-$395 USD Tiered Pricing
Partial scholarships available


"So much great info to absorb. I love the variety of presenters. It felt very loving."

– Michelle Waters, Workshop Series Participant

Is rest simply a lack of stress?
Or can we find ways to actively practice resting?

That is the question at the core of this Restorative Yoga Series: Making Rest Practices Accessible.

This series includes a diverse and dynamic group of presenters who will look at restorative yoga in a broad and inclusive way.

Throughout this Restorative Yoga workshop series we'll explore:

  • How restorative yoga practices can be made accessible for people of color, for people with larger bodies, the disabled, chronically ill, and for trauma survivors
  • The tradition of Yoga Nidra - the state of deep meditation that is so effective at giving us access to a deep place of peace within
  • The scientific aspects of rest, polyvagal theory and how we can make the new findings in yoga research accessible to ourselves and our students
  • The deeply spiritual experiences of restorative yoga, and how to get more connected with our spirit, with our own heart, through a consideration of the body’s limitations, and our own mortality
  • and more!

Join us for the deeply restful and expansive exploration of yoga’s rest practice.

Restorative Yoga Series:
On-Demand Workshop Outlines

Session 1: Accessible Yoga Nidra

with Indu Arora (she/her)

Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice with incredible relevance in the modern world, and a salve for modern life. With an excess of sensory stimuli, the mind stays distracted, unfocused, and restless. This often leads to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Yoga Nidra is one of the most unique practices in Yoga that is geared towards increasing self-awareness through interoception, self-inquiry, and discernment. This increased self-awareness helps us to remain detached (when needed) and calm amidst the chaos and conundrum of our daily lives.

In this session, we will explore the deeper meaning of Yoga Nidra as a state, practice, and technique, and how we can make Yoga Nidra accessible without diluting either the practice or its essence.

Learn how to prepare for Yoga Nidra and move forward one step at a time towards a rested, awake, and discerning self!

Session 2: Embracing the In-between: Restorative Yoga as a Liminal Space

with Shawn J Moore (he/him)

Mystery, possibility, uncertainty, and power- all words that can be used to describe restorative yoga. How can we harness these qualities?

This session will explore the idea of restorative yoga as a vehicle to explore the liminal space, expanding on the buddhist concept of the bardo—the gap arising between any two states—and the potential that rests there. We naturally search for groundedness, and our practice can help us show up in moments of inner and outer change, when life pulls the ground from under our feet.

The session will close with a restorative yoga practice that emphasizes deep relaxation, and silence for empowered rest and self-inquiry.

Session 3: Making Restorative Yoga Accessible for Folks in Larger Bodies

with Shannon Kaneshige (they/them)

As a self- identified fat yoga student and educator, Shannon Kaneshige knows first hand how upsetting it is to walk into a restorative class expecting rest and support and instead leave feeling frustrated and defeated. Restorative yoga postures are intended to help students relax and release tension, but this can be challenging for larger-bodied individuals who may experience discomfort and even difficulty breathing when attempting certain asana.

In this session, Shannon will discuss common concerns and challenges faced by larger-bodied students and how to address them in a compassionate and empowering way. They will explore techniques for increasing space and support in asana, making them accessible and comfortable for students with larger bodies, and how to use language that is inclusive, fat-positive, and encourages folks to make each posture their own.

Join us as we create a space where all bodies can find ease and rest.

Session 4: The Science of Rest and Making Rest Practices Accessible

with Marlysa Sullivan (she/her)

The science of rest includes an understanding of the nervous system, exploring the stress and relaxation response and different states described in polyvagal theory to support stillness and safety.

This understanding of how the nervous system experiences safety and how this can be unique to the person will be the backdrop of the conversation for accessibility.

Marlysa will also discuss ways to support safety of the nervous system and to work towards safe stillness.

Session 5: Yoga for Restoration, Repair & Reconnection

with Tamika Caston-Miller (she/her)

Tamika Caston-Miller curates yoga experiences and trainings in service of collective healing, community repair, and the elevation of LGBTQ and BIPOC voices, bodies and realities. The practices she shares are dedicated to the building of radical compassion and the disruption of despair, embrace of student agency and body diversity, and the invitation to all into expansion of awareness and wholistic wellness.

In this workshop, Tamika will share about the fundamental concepts and rationale of Restorative Yoga, how it regulates nervous system, and how it supports repair and reconciliation for the social justice-minded practitioner.

Tamika will also discuss the nuance and considerations of rest practices for communities of color, tools for creating the conditions for calm and carving out the time for rest, and leveraging slower movement and mindful breath practices to support respite for overburdened souls. She will highlight the transformative nature of Restorative Yoga practices and philosophy, which foster healing and compassion for oneself and in the world.

Session 6: Therapeutic Yoga for Illness

with Cheri Clampett (she/her)

Cheri Clampett is a certified yoga therapist with over 25 years teaching experience, and a passion for bringing the benefits of yoga to those recovering from, or living with, injury or illness.

Through decades of sharing therapeutic yoga practices, Cheri has witnessed firsthand the incredible gifts of peace and healing that Restorative Yoga can bring, as a practice that meets the individual where they are and cradles them with props as they connect with their inner landscape.

In this session Cheri will discuss key considerations of yoga for illness, and propping techniques. She will also share examples of gentle and therapeutic rest practices which can be supportive and beneficial for those experiencing chronic pain, illness or injury, which may include students living with cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, Parkinson’s, COVID-19 or other health issues, those experiencing burnout, stress or chronic fatigue, as well as aging populations.

Session 7: Accessible Restorative Yoga: Living Room Edition

with Tejal Patel (she/they)

Explore postures and methods to achieve restoration in a living room space.

This session is designed to use the space you have with the equipment you already use to find support throughout the body while resting.

We will discuss existing to barriers to rest and use group discussion and journaling prompts to further investigate how to navigate these perceived and circumstantial blocks.

Session 8: Healing into Death: Exploring Questions of Health and Spirituality

with Jivana Heyman (he/him)

Is it a coincidence that all yoga classes end with Savasana, corpse pose? Or is yoga practice preparation for death?

In this session, Jivana will discuss the yoga teachings surrounding health and mortality. He'll look to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Upanishads, for lessons on health, healing, and death. These sources all speak to our immortal spiritual nature in a way that can shift our understanding of ourselves.

He'll also spend time reflecting on the previous presentations and lead a discussion about all the offerings that are shared as part of this series.

A Profound Inner Sanctuary

"The purpose of restorative practices, like sound healing, yoga nidra, and restorative yoga, is to drop us in a deep sense of rest and rejuvenation, embracing the use of support and props. We cultivate a sense of being held, creating an intentional opportunity to drop into a receptive and profound inner sanctuary."

– Shawn J Moore

Valuing Rest

"...when you rest, you send a strong message that you are not aligned with any thing or any culture that doesn’t support your rest, including white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, hyper athleticism, competitivism, perfectionism, conspiritualism..."

"When I rest, I function better. When we all rest, we coexist better. I wish to live in a world where we all value rest."

– Tejal Patel


Meet Your Facilitators

Indu Arora 

Indu Arora (she/her) is a Yoga and Ayurveda teacher, mentor, and author, based out of the USA. She considers herself a student for a lifetime. Indu has been sharing about Yoga philosophy, Yoga Therapy, and Ayurveda for the last two decades across more than 50 cities worldwide. Her unique gift is making Yoga and Ayurveda a practice, which is equally useful and accessible for a beginner as for a sincere seeker who has made Yoga a lifelong journey. She is inspired by and taught under Kriya Yoga, Himalayan Yoga and Kashmir Shaivism Yoga lineages. She has studied in a traditional Guru-Shishya parampara.

Her teaching style is rooted in empowering and inspiring students to awaken the inner Guru through insight, discernment and self-inquiry. Her core philosophy is ‘Yoga is a Work-in and not a Work-out’.

She is the author of Mudra: The Sacred Secret (2015), Yoga: Ancient Heritage, Tomorrow’s Vision (2019), and SOMA: 100 Heritage Recipes for Self-Care (e-book, 2020; updated hard copy, 2022).

Get to know Indu:

www.yogsadhna.com | @induaroraofficial  facebook.com/InduAroraOfficial

Shawn J Moore

Residing at the intersection of leadership and mindfulness, Shawn J Moore (he/him) creates sacred spaces for stillness and self-inquiry to help changemakers align their strengths, intention, and impact. Reckoning with his own contemplation of burnout, purpose, and alignment from a career in higher education and student affairs for over 10 years, Shawn transitioned out of his role as Associate Dean of Student Life & Leadership at Morehouse College in the fall of 2021 to focus more on mindfulness and stillness-based training programs and workshops.

He is a Buddhist Dharma practitioner, whose impact filters through the practices of meditation, sound healing, yoga nidra, restorative yoga (E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®), and Gallup-Certified Strengths coaching, with a blend of over 18 years of personal practice and trainings. In addition to holding community space through classes, he provides training in leadership and strengths-based development, and workshops in mindfulness, meditation and sound healing.

Shawn has contributed workshops, practices, and educational opportunities for celebrities like Questlove, and various yoga studios and colleges, Yoga International, Embodied Philosophy, Sounds True One, the Human Rights Campaign, Spotify and Lululemon. He currently serves as the Community Engagement Specialist for Muse®, the neuro-technology, brain health, and meditation company.

Get to know Shawn:

www.shawnjmoore.com | @shawnj_moore

Shannon Kaneshige

Shannon Kaneshige (they/them) is a yoga practitioner, educator, fat activist, and sociologist. Shannon has become known as a teachers' teacher for their expertise in working with diverse body types and creating options for folks of all mobility levels. They help folks use their movement, meditation, and self-care practices to reconnect with their whole selves.

Shannon lives in what is now known as Toronto with their partner and child. They hold a master's degree in sociology from Roosevelt University and are a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP), offering livestream classes and mentoring other teachers.

Get to know Shannon:

fringeish.com @fringeish

Marlysa Sullivan

Marlysa Sullivan (she/her) is a physiotherapist and yoga therapist with over 15 years of experience working with people suffering with chronic pain conditions.

She is the physical therapy coordinator of the Empower Veterans Program specializing in working with people with chronic pain at the Veterans Health Administration.

She is also the author of Understanding Yoga Therapy: Applied Philosophy and Science for Well-being and co-editor of Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain as well as several peer-reviewed articles.

Marlysa teaches for several yoga therapy trainings including MUIH, Kripalu, and the School for Embodied Yoga Therapy

Get to know Marlysa:


Tamika Caston-Miller

Tamika Caston-Miller (she/her) E-RYT 500, is the director of Ashé Yoga, where curates yoga experiences and trainings in service of collective healing and community repair. Having begun her yoga journey in 2001 with a home practice, she now holds advanced certifications and training in Trauma-informed Yoga, Somatics, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.

Tamika’s journey has been informed by chronic pain and injuries, social justice for QTBIPOC communities, the battle between shame and compassion and quest for ancestral healing, and the love for the practice and philosophy of yoga.

Get to know Tamika:

www.asheyoga.com | @diva_transcending @ashe_yoga | facebook.com/asheyogalife

Cheri Clampett

Cheri Clampett (she/her) C-IAYT, ERYT-500 is the Founder and Director of the Therapeutic Yoga Training Program. She is a certified yoga therapist with over 25 years of teaching experience and is passionate about bringing the benefits of yoga to those recovering from or living with injury or illness.

Cheri has presented Therapeutic Yoga at Beth Israel Medical Center and the Langone Medical Center at NYU. Cheri started the yoga program at the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center in 1999, where she continues to teach weekly classes. Cheri’s teaching focuses on the healing aspects of yoga: freeing the body, breath, and flow of energy through practicing with awareness, compassion, and love.

Cheri is the co-author of the Therapeutic Yoga Kit, published in January 2009 by Inner Traditions.

Get to know Cheri: 

therapeuticyoga.com | @therapeuticyogatraining |

Tejal Patel

Tejal Patel (she/they) is a first-generation Indian American yoga teacher, writer, podcaster, and community organizer. She advocates for yoga through a social justice lens, and educates and empowers individuals and groups around the world to do the same.

Tejal's aim is to offer curious, open and questioning spaces that utilize yoga to raise the power and increase belonging of all individuals and communities. She accomplishes this with the Tejal Yoga online studio - a revolutionary virtual South Asian teacher-led yoga community focused on social justice actions and authentic, culturally-rooted yoga-based practices; the abcdyogi global community led by South Asian yoga and mindfulness teachers; and the Yoga is Dead Podcast.

Get to know Tejal:

tejalyoga.com | @tejalyoga

Jivana Heyman wearing brown glasses and a gray shirt.

Jivana Heyman

Jivana Heyman (he/him), C-IAYT, E-RYT500, is the founder and director of the Accessible Yoga Association, an international non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to the yoga teachings. He’s the author of two books, Accessible Yoga: Poses and Practices for Every Body, and Yoga Revolution: Building a Practice of Courage & Compassion (Shambhala Publications).

Jivana coined the phrase, “Accessible Yoga,” over ten years ago, and it has now become the standard appellation for a large cross section of the immense yoga world.

He brought the Accessible Yoga community together for the first time in 2015 for the Accessible Yoga Conference, which has gone on to become a focal point for this movement. Jivana is also the creator of the Accessible Yoga Training and the co-founder of the online Accessible Yoga Training School with Amber Karnes, which is a platform for continued education for yoga teachers in the field of equity and accessibility. They also created the Accessible Yoga Podcast in 2020 (now The Love Of Yoga Podcast, hosted by the Accessible Yoga Association and Anjali Rao).

Over the past 25 years, Jivana has led countless yoga teacher training programs around the world, and dedicates his time to supporting yoga teachers who are working to serve communities that are under-represented in traditional yoga spaces.

Get to know Jivana:

www.jivanaheyman.com | @jivanaheymanfacebook.com/jivanaheyman

What participants are saying about this online workshop series:

"This workshop series helped me discover so many practical ways to make restorative yoga more accessible for myself and for others, especially for those with chronic illness and a larger body. I had wanted for so long to find accessible alternative postures, but hadn't been able to find good sources. With such a variety of presenters here, I now have so many wonderful options and ideas for suggestions to offer my students.

Thank you so much for this wonderful course! It was exactly what I needed for my personal and professional practice."

– Workshop Series Participant, 2023

"The Restorative Yoga series helped me to discover a deeper meaning of rest in our Yoga practice, and how to convey its purpose in a meaningful way to my students as a necessary part of our practice.

It also deepened my awareness of inclusivity.

Thank you for such a diverse expert and yet cohesive panel of presenters! It was a captivating, informative and a very current series."

– Robin Briceno
Workshop Series Participant, 2023

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Radical Gift of Rest

"Cultivating compassion and gratitude starts with and within me. Restorative Yoga is a sacred and radical gift of rest to myself for all that I do, all that I am, and all of my big magic that I’m remembering."

– Tamika Caston-Miller

Meeting Our Needs in Each Moment

"Restorative yoga offers more than the rare space to invite rest. It encourages us to meet our needs in each moment, bringing us face-to-face with the fluid nature of our bodies and its requirements."

– Shannon Kaneshige

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