Teaching Asana with Avery Kalapa

Season #2

Asana serves as a gateway to inner transformation, offering not just physical benefits but also profound connections to the mind, emotions, and spirit. When explored through the lens of accessibility, a deeper understanding of asana can unfold. 

What do yoga teachers need to know to make asana more accessible for their students? Join Jivana and this episode’s guest, Avery Kalapa, as they describe an accessible asana practice that is rooted in awareness, compassion, and inner exploration. Together they offer advice to yoga teachers to explore the intention of asana and approach an asana practice with courage and curiosity. 

Topics include:

  1. Topics include:
  2. Asana in Iyengar Yoga
  3. Asana as the organization of energy
  4. Using asana to support the design of the body
  5. The function of asana in liberating the breath
  6. Embracing structural organization over alignment
  7. Subtle awareness and the inward journey
  8. Understanding functional anatomy to empower asana 


Check out Jivana’s new book, The Teacher’s Guide to Accessible Yoga, and get more information about the book on his website.

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Avery Janeczek Kalapa (they, them) is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, community weaver at Sadhana Support Collective, and queer + trans wellness organizer; they are also an eRYT500, YACEP, BFA, with over 2 decades of yoga experience. Celebrated for their enthusiasm, devotion, and depth of somatic technique, Avery specializes in functional asana grounded in applied yoga philosophy. They support queers and other counter-culture yoga lovers to break the burn-out cycle and be nourished, and spiritually powerful without bypassing the wisdom of their body and lived experience. Avery’s a parent, gardener, artist, creator; a white, queer, trans, nonbinary settler based in unceded Tiwa land, Albuquerque NM. 

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