Beyond the Eight Limbs of Yoga with Shanna Small

Season #2

“Yoga is a destruction process. It's taking away all that stuff that we've picked up, and we thought is us and that we've just hung on to, and it's dismantling that.”  – Shanna Small

Society teaches us to seek external validation to feel complete. Yoga teaches us that we are already whole, full and complete. Through yoga, we can dismantle false beliefs and recognize the connection between suffering and the stories we create in our minds.

Join Jivana and podcast guest, Shanna Small, as they reflect on overcoming societal conditioning and trusting one's innate wholeness through yoga philosophy, beyond the eight limbs of yoga.

Topics include: 

  1. The concept of wholeness
  2. The distinction between pain and suffering.
  3. Destruction of ignorance and mental modifications
  4. Being our own guru
  5. How yoga can help us address systemic problems
  6. Spiritual bypassing and service
  7. The teachings of Karma Yoga
  8. The transformative power of understanding the Gita

Check out Jivana’s new book, The Teacher’s Guide to Accessible Yoga
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Shanna Small (she/her) is a writer and yoga teacher who speaks to the intersectionality of yoga and social justice.  She has practiced Ashtanga yoga and studied the Yoga Sutras since 2001. Shanna finds joy in making yoga accessible for all. She is a contributor for Yoga International, OmStars, OmPractice and Embodied Philosophy. You can also find her online at Shanna Small Yoga. Shanna teaches trainings and workshops on diversity and inclusivity, the Yoga Sutras, and accessibility. She is a founding member of Yoga For Recovery Foundation, a non-profit that helps those recovering from addiction, trauma, and systemic oppression.

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