Ethics for Teachers with Judith Lasater

Season #2

Teaching yoga is a great privilege and responsibility! With an ethical approach that includes compassion, respect, boundaries, and clarity, yoga teachers can honor the gift of yoga, exemplify the yoga teachings, and share their best selves with the world. 

In this podcast episode, Jivana and guest Judith Hanson Lasater talk about guidelines for ethical teaching, creating a relationship with students that recognizes their agency, and the interconnectedness of personal practice and life.

Topics include:

  1. Embodying the Yamas and Niyamas
  2. Kindness as the root of ethics
  3. Boundaries and ethics
  4. Personal agency of students in their yoga practice
  5. Self-work and the personal journey of a yoga teacher
  6. Judith’s new book “Teaching Yoga with Intention”

Check out Jivana’s new book, The Teacher’s Guide to Accessible Yoga, and get more information about the book on his website.

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Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., PT, has taught yoga since 1971 in almost every state of the U.S. as well as on six continents. She is a founder of Yoga Journal magazine and the author of 11 books on yoga, the latest of which is Teaching Yoga with Intention (Shambhala, 2022).

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