Teaching as Service with Anjali Rao

Season #2

In the early days of yoga, a student had to study for decades before becoming a teacher. Today, a person can become a yoga teacher with little time and experience. So how can teachers gain deep experience to be inclusive and authentic in their teaching? 

In this podcast episode, Jivana talks with Anjali Rao, who wrote the foreword for The Teacher’s Guide to Accessible Yoga. Anjali talks about what it means to be a yoga teacher and growing as a teacher through ongoing practice and study. Topics include:

  1. Challenges and benefits of the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training framework
  2. The value of lived experience in teaching
  3. Celebrity culture in modern yoga
  4. Humility and service in teaching yoga
  5. The dynamics of the teacher-student relationship
  6. Social media presence and teaching
  7. Holding space for community through yoga teaching

Check out Jivana’s new book, The Teacher’s Guide to Accessible Yoga, and get more information about the book on his website.

Connect with Jivana:

www.jivanaheyman.com |  @jivanaheyman   |  facebook.com/jivanaheyman

Anjali Rao (she/her) is a yoga practitioner-educator offering a multidisciplinary approach to sharing the teachings of yoga, integrating history, storytelling and art. She is a cancer survivor, and Indian American immigrant. She serves as the President of the Board of Directors of the Accessible Yoga Association and the host of The Love of Yoga Podcast

Connect with Anjali:

www.yoganjali.me |  @yoganjali


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