Yoga Revolution: Interconnectedness with Mei Lai Swan

Season #1

Mei Lai Swan joins Jivana to discuss what it means to experience deep interconnectedness, the ethics of yoga, systemic and cultural trauma, and trauma-informed yoga teaching. Born on the unceded indigenous lands of Australia, Mei Lai Swan is the founder of social enterprise yoga school Yoga for Humankind, offering specialized trainings in Trauma-Informed Yoga and Embodied Social Change. Dedicated to the paths of yoga, meditation, and community practice for over 20 years, Mei Lai Swan’s approach to yoga is deeply embodied, inclusive, and inquiry-based. She is an experienced yoga teacher trainer and certified Embodied Flow facilitator with a professional background in music, community development, and social work. Mei Lai specializes in trauma-informed yoga and social justice, somatics, and nada yoga (sound and mantra).

She and Jivana consider how power dynamics and social conditioning affect how we teach yoga, the collective responsibility to heal trauma, and, interestingly, the connection between astrophysics and yoga.

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