Transcending Binaries:

Yoga, Gender & Embodiment

Tuesdays & Thursdays, November 1, 3, 15 & 17

1:30-4:30pm Pacific / 4:30-7:30pm Eastern

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A live, online training facilitated by Trans Yoga Project co-founders: Rebby Kern, Daniel Sannito, Puja Singh Titchkosky, M Camellia, Noha Arafa & Zel Amanzi

This course, designed for yoga practitioners and teachers of all gender experiences, will take a yogic approach to the exploration of gender, using the koshas as a model for journeying into a deeper understanding of our own practices, bodies, identities, and states of bliss.

This is a fresh, deeper take on a “trans inclusion 101” class, expanding beyond basic definitions and concepts and allowing practitioners of all genders to truly begin dismantling the binaries that are barriers to experiencing and teaching yoga as a bliss and liberation practice. We will explore “transgender inclusion” within a more expansive historical, counter-colonial, abolitionist, and liberatory framework.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in svadhyaya and embodiment practices to unlearn gender myths for themselves, and if applicable, their students and studios.

The course will include both trans/gender-expansive and cisgender affinity spaces, as well as resources and reflection assignments for continued study between sessions.

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