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Accessible Yoga 200-Hour
Teacher Training Online

*commencing early 2023

Facilitated by Jivana Heyman, M Camelia and the Accessible Yoga School faculty


It’s time to rethink what it means to be a yoga teacher. Our duty as a teacher is to serve anyone who comes to us to the best of our ability, and to create an experience that is both safe and effective for all of our students.

We’re launching the Accessible Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training to make this possible, and to fill a void in current training offerings.

This foundational training will help you build a teaching practice that equips you with the tools you need to share yoga with all your students, while celebrating their differences and individuality.

We’ll explore yoga philosophy, anatomy & physiology, ethics, teaching methodology and techniques through a social justice and anti-discrimination lens. We’ll prepare you to teach asana, pranayama, guided relaxation, and meditation in a trauma-informed and accessible way. We’ll explore innovative ways to adapt yoga to all your students, as well as how to teach mixed-level classes where all your students are well-served.

Join the Accessible Yoga movement, and become a change agent in the movement toward justice and equity. By placing accessibility and equity at the heart of your teaching, you are aligning yourself with the essence of the teachings which speak to our shared universal spiritual essence. 

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