Yoga Revolution

Yoga Revolution

Hosted by: Jivana Heyman

Join Jivana Heyman as he hosts a series of conversations on the topics of yoga, social justice, service, equity, and how we can live the teachings right now. In his book, Yoga Revolution, Jivana has included 16...

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Ep. 8: Amber Karnes

This week Amber Karnes join Jivana to chat about body liberation, the importance of representation, and how to use the yoga teachings in the service of all. In addition to being Jivana's good friend, collaborator, and...
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Ep. 7: Sunny Barbee

This week Jacquie “Sunny” Barbee joins Jivana to chat about non-attachment, spiritual bypassing, self-study, and how the path of yoga can support us in moving through our physical, emotional, and psychological pain....
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Ep. 6: Anjali Rao

This week's guest is Anjali Rao, a yoga teacher, social justice activist, community organizer, multi-cultural training specialist, and cancer survivor. Anjali is an Indian American from Bangalore, India. Her work...
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Ep. 5: J. Miles

J. Miles joins Jivana this week to discuss what it means "to go through the fire of life" as yoga practitioners and the importance of maintaining our practice as yoga teachers. Creator of Maha Vira Yoga, J has been...
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Ep. 4: Michelle C. Johnson

Michelle Cassandra Johnson joins Jivana to help answer the question: How do we realize a world in which we can all be free? An author, yoga teacher, social justice activist, intuitive healer, and Dismantling Racism...
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Ep 3: Susanna Barkataki

This week on Yoga Revolution, Jivana speaks with Susanna Barkataki, an Indian yoga practitioner in the Shankaracharya tradition who supports practitioners in leading with equity, diversity, and yogic values. Susanna...
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Ep 2: Kelley Palmer

The first Yoga Revolution guest is Kelley Palmer, a creative, space holder, and advocate whose work centers around organizing, re-imagining, and leaning into wholeness together. An E-RYT and Accessible Yoga teacher...
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Ep 1: What Is a Yoga Revolution?

Welcome to the Yoga Revolution Podcast! In this introductory episode, Jivana offers an overview of his new book Yoga Revolution and shares the inspiration behind the book's primary question: "How do we live yoga now?"...
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