Ep. 10: Amina Naru

This week Jivana and guest Amina Naru share an authentic and vulnerable conversation around trauma, anxiety, loss, and grief. Amina is the owner of Posh Yoga LLC in Wilmington, Delaware, co-founder of Retreat to Spirit, and an active member of the Board of Directors for the Accessible Yoga Association. A trauma-sensitive yoga teacher, wellness educator, and workshop facilitator, Amina's professional expertise is in the field of yoga service for communities, juvenile detention centers, and adult prisons. Amina is the first Black woman to implement curriculum-based yoga and mindfulness programs for juvenile detention centers in the state of Delaware. Both Jivana and Amina share personal stories about their own trauma and loss and consider how we can use those experiences to show up in service for others. Their conversation includes why trauma-sensitive training is so important for yoga teachers, how our actions on our yoga mat mirror our actions in life, and why seeing and valuing people as whole humans is key to the practice.

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