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40-hour Accessible Yoga Training

London, UK

May 7-9, 2024


Arc Collective SpaceIslington

98B St Paul Street, London N17DF

Tuesday, May 7th, 2:30pm-5:30pm
Wednesday, May 8th, 10:30am-5:30pm (1 hour meal break)
Thursday, May 9th, 10:30am-5:30pm (1 hour meal break)

40 hour certification includes:

15 hours in person with Jivana Heyman & guests

25 hours pre-recorded content and homework

Learn to design yoga classes where all students can practice together in a way that honors and celebrates people of all ages, sizes, abilities, and experience levels.

Our new hybrid delivery of our 40 hour Accessible Yoga Training will comprise of 3 days of in-person training in London, UK with Jivana Heyman, and guest presenters Alessandra Uma Cocchi and Rodrigo Souza, plus self-paced online pre-recorded content and homework.

Through our Accessible Yoga Training you'll:

  • Understand the benefits of an accessible yoga practice including: enhancing muscular strength, balance, flexibility, improving physiological functions, reducing stress, anxiety, chronic pain and promoting overall health and well-being
  • Determine safe and appropriate variations of common asanas for a range of physical ability (chair, mat/bed, standing)
  • Learn specific asanas for flexibility, strengthening and balance training to maintain or improve health and independence
  • Understand the purpose and implementation of props to make yoga accessible to all abilities
  • Acquire knowledge of common medical conditions and the benefits and concerns for implementation of a yoga practice
  • Learn to create integrated Accessible Yoga classes where students of different abilities can practice together
  • Explore the many ways that yoga can be adapted to suit students with disabilities, physical challenges, seniors, people with larger bodies, and more
  • Learn how to make your classes welcoming to everyone, to empower students with agency, and to approach students in a trauma-informed way
  • Review the physical and psychosocial benefits of pranayama and meditation and how to make these practices available for all students, regardless of ability
  • Learn how to apply the teachings of yoga philosophy in day-to-day life to reduce stress, create more balance and develop authentic connections with self and others
  • Explore techniques to build a strong community among your students to support the transformational process of yoga
  • and more!

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