Conscious Marketing:

Justice-Focused Digital Strategies for Yoga Teachers

An 18-hour online course exploring marketing through the lens of yoga and social justice, facilitated by Tristan Katz


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Marketing is something every yoga teacher learns how to do...likely the hard way.


And maybe marketing yourself has felt forced, icky, or narcissistic. It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’ve ever stared at your Instagram screen, knowing you need to post about an upcoming class offering but you’re not sure what to say

If you’ve ever wondered how to grow your work beyond sharing your class schedule on a regular basis…

If you’ve been curious about newsletter marketing, and how to get people off social media and into your email list…

If you’ve felt uncomfortable telling your community about what you do and why…

If you’ve questioned how to get more students into your classes and not rely solely on studio promotions…

If you’ve felt called to speak out about social justice-related topics and issues, but have also felt unsure of your place in these conversations…

If you’ve seen talk of alt text and image descriptions but have never really understood what it’s all about…

If you’ve watched social movements and activism taking place on social media but aren’t sure how your participation in them might also fit into your marketing plan…

We’ve got you.

Stay aligned, grounded, and conscious while growing your work.

In this online course, we’ll explore systems and best practices for all things digital marketing—from social media, to websites, to newsletters, this learning space will support you in staying aligned, grounded, authentic, and conscious while also growing your work. 

Throughout our time together, we’ll emphasize how to show up on social media in equitable and accessible ways, and how to root ourselves in social justice praxis while building community; we’ll explore newsletters and tips for moving beyond the “handshake” of social media to engage meaningfully with your students and clients, and we’ll break down websites for yoga teachers and what to consider if you’re DIYing it. Branding, storytelling, and foundational marketing concepts will be core themes woven through each session, along with discussions about boundaries, self-care, critical thinking, and justice-based topics such as social location, proximity to power, and intersectionality—together, we’ll explore the deeper awareness that our identities inherently play a role in the process of taking up space on the digital plane.

Learn the exact action steps to take in order to show up with your unique voice.

There will be ample opportunity for Q&A and group conversation. Expect to complete the course with a solid understanding of how you can show up with your unique voice and a series of action steps to consider as you implement your learning.

If you’ve ever felt like marketing is hard—if you’ve ever felt like you don’t have capacity for it or like you’re not sure how to create strategies that align with your values, considering joining for this rich exploration of how to move beyond those creative and energetic blocks and truly connect with yourself, your students and clients, and lean into authentically growing your work while staying aligned with the practices of yoga and social justice.


What they’re saying

I trust Tristan infinitely

“Tristan began working with me and filled what we thought would be an assistant role. I should have known from our first conversation about Tristan's work that the role they would fill would be more vast than coming up with systems for organization and helping me have less emails in my inbox. In the year we've been working together, Tristan has become a collaborator and thought partner.

“They have supported me in propelling my work further than I could have on my own. While they are growing their skills in equity and social justice work, they are supporting my work and justice in the world. Integrity is very important to me as is trusting someone with my work and I trust Tristan infinitely. I feel so grateful for this working partnership with Tristan.”

Michelle C. Johnson, author, social worker, dismantling racism trainer, yoga teacher, activist

Why I created this course

Hi, I'm Tristan Katz (they/them). 

I’m a white, trans nonbinary and queer human with almost fifteen years of experience in digital strategies and marketing. I’ve also been a yoga teacher—I taught accessible yoga in hospitals and recovery centers for several years, and I’ve worked with and supported justice-focused yoga professionals for almost a decade, ever since my initial teacher training in 2015.

I first started practicing yoga twenty years ago, at a time when I was struggling with depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and body image challenges. I never felt like I fit in the spaces I began to frequent as a yoga student. And as a trans nonbinary and queer human, I would look around and absorb subtle messaging that I did not belong. And yet, as a white and able-bodied person, I also had a degree of access and ease that I knew weren’t available to all. 

But the truth of this practice is that yoga is for everyone, that the teachings of yoga invite us into the practice of social justice, and that marketing fits within all of this—marketing is also a practice, one that we can bring our yoga to, one we can infuse with social justice values, and one that can not only help our work grow, but also be in the deeper work of actually supporting our community through our branding, our storytelling, and our own critical thinking.

Marketing is really just a matter of teaching. And as yoga teachers, we’re already doing that! This course and my work exists because my goal is equity, and ultimately, collective liberation.

In working with other yoga teachers, it is clear to me that talking about marketing is not an easy conversation. Most folks don’t have the tools needed to create meaningful and easeful messaging. This means that many yoga teachers get stuck while wanting to make big changes. And then many of us get stuck when it comes to speaking out on important topics. Rather than taking action to make their marketing equitable, accessible, and even fun, yoga teachers are just left with discomfort or overwhelm, and nothing changes.

That’s why I created Conscious Marketing: Justice-focused Digital Strategies for Yoga Teachers. This course is different. This is not an intellectual conversation about marketing, in which we’ll be upholding capitalism. The truth is that we live in capitalist culture, but we can choose to challenge that oppressive system, and we can choose to be radical while we grow our work.

This is a two-month training for growth and transformation where you will:

  • Discover systems and strategies to make your marketing work for you, rather than against you
  • Understand your role in engaging “difficult” conversations through the lens of your marketing
  • Learn practical steps for creating impactful newsletters 
  • Gain tools and approaches for website design and implementation
  • Cultivate clear action steps to show up on social media while also staying aligned, authentic, and boundaried
  • Be empowered to take action

What they’re saying

Remaining aligned, grounded, authentic & conscious

“THIS is the conversation that needs to be happening in the marketing world for ALL wellness businesses who are interested in remaining aligned, grounded, authentic, and conscious while also growing their work in a sustainable way that creates connection and community.”

Steff Gallante, Mental Health & Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness+Meditation Coach, Ayurveda Wellness Coach, & Zumba®️ Instructor


Conscious Marketing is a 18-hour LIVE online training.

This training consists of six live group gatherings, plus three meetings devoted to Q&A time as you might encounter questions as you dig further into your unique voice, style, and capacity for cultivating a successful marketing strategy.

Below is a sample schedule from our June 2022 cohort

Class Sessions: 2.5 hrs, Tuesdays & Thursdays

Q&A Sessions: 1 hr, Wednesdays

Session 1

Grounding Yourself on Social Media

During our first session together, we'll ground with group introductions and container-building through the lens of social justice. We'll explore:

  • Shared language
  • Assumptions & Agreements
  • Social location, intersectionality, and proximity to power
  • Why social media and why Instagram
  • A beginning primer for using Instagram as a marketing tool
  • Yoga teachings such as svadhyaya, or self-study, to help you connect with your unique voice
  • How and when to consider sharing an "intro" post
  • Performativity and perfectionism versus authenticity and vulnerability

Tuesday June 7th, 2022
9am-11.30am PDT | 12pm-2.30pm EDT

*Followed by Q&A Session:
Wednesday June 8th, 2022
10am-11am PDT | 1pm-2pm EDT

Session 2

Community, Engagement, & Justice on Social Media

We’ll begin our second group session with a review of the Assumptions and Agreements established in the first session, followed by a check-in and space for community-building. We’ll then move on to discuss:

  • Aesthetics: social media as a visual platform
  • Selfies as a relationship-building tool
  • Centering relationship rather than transactions
  • Our identities and our roles
  • Genuine allyship versus virtue-signaling
  • Cultural appropriation versus cultural appreciation
  • Dedication (tapas) without being attached to outcomes (aparigraha)
  • Practicing non-urgency and non-perfectionism
  • Accessibility and trauma-informed considerations

Thursday June 9th, 2022
9am-11.30am PDT | 12pm-2.30pm EDT

Session 3

Creating Meaningful, High-Value Content

Our third session will focus on ways we can create content that actually reaches our audience and builds community—content that truly serves the clients and students we want to reach. We’ll explore:

  • Terminology like “viral” and “reach”
  • Working with carousel slides 
  • Teaching with your social media posts
  • Moving beyond the weekly class schedule shares
  • Vulnerability, authenticity, and boundaries—with ourselves, and with others
  • Tools and apps to support you
  • The power of contributing to existing conversations
  • Expressing values in a way that supports business growth
  • Outstanding questions relating to social media

Tuesday June 14th, 2022
9am-11.30am PDT | 12pm-2.30pm EDT

*Followed by Q&A Session:
Wednesday June 15th, 2022
10am-11am PDT | 1pm-2pm EDT

Session 4

Websites for Yoga Teachers

This session will support teachers looking to DIY—build websites themselves, as well as teachers who want to manage website updates and edits after they’ve worked with a designer. We’ll discuss: 

  • Mapping your website and navigation links
  • How to effectively welcome someone into your digital space
  • Your most visited webpage and its most important ingredients 
  • Best practices for your schedule page, workshops page, or special events webpage
  • How to create a contact page that actually resonates
  • Search Engine Optimization and basic ways to begin to build your results
  • Justice-focused considerations such as cultural appropriation and land acknowledgements

Thursday June 16th, 2022
9am-11.30am PDT | 12pm-2.30pm EDT

Session 5

Newsletters & Hand-shakes

Our fifth session will focus on moving beyond the “hand-shake” of social media and relying on newsletters to build greater community. We’ll explore: 

  • Getting started with newsletters: why and how
  • Ways to explore meaningful newsletter content
  • The value of repeating yourself and repurposing what you’ve already created
  • List-building considerations
  • Scheduling best practices
  • Freebies, perks, or lead magnets
  • Platforms and tools to support you

Tuesday June 21st, 2022
9am-11.30am PDT | 12pm-2.30pm EDT

*Followed by Q&A Session:
Wednesday June 22nd, 2022
10am-11am PDT | 1pm-2pm EDT

Session 6

All Things Tech, Systems, & Questions

Our last session will be a wrap-up gathering to discuss all things tech and review any outstanding questions the cohort might have. We’ll talk about:

  • Platforms, tools, and additional systems for social media, newsletters, websites, branding, narrative storytelling, and more
  • Patreon considerations and third-party apps that will foster further growth and community-building
  • Ways to stay engaged in content creation while honoring your creative energy and capacity
  • Avoiding burnout through online tools, systems, and strategies

Thursday June 23rd, 2022
9am-11.30am PDT | 12pm-2.30pm EDT


About Your Instructor

Tristan Katz

Tristan Katz

Tristan Katz (they/them) is a writer, digital strategist, and equity-inclusion facilitator based on the ancestral land of the Cowlitz and Clackamas peoples and the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde and Siletz Indians, now known as Portland, OR. 

Tristan offers justice-focused marketing individual and group mentorship programs for yoga and wellness professionals, along with workshops and trainings centered around queer identity and transgender awareness with an anti-oppression and intersectional lens.

Their podcast, ALL THE F*CK IN: Showing up for social justice in your work, is a collaboration with Lauren Roberts, featuring conversations about all things business and entrepreneurship—from a radical perspective that says we don’t have to choose between social justice values and being successful.

Tristan was named one of Yoga Journal’s 2021 Game Changers and they were awarded the Reclamation Ventures grant in Spring 2021 to expand their offerings and dedicate time to writing their first book, title forthcoming.

They are proud to sit on the Board of Directors at Accessible Yoga—a non-profit working, through education and advocacy, to share the teachings and benefits of yoga with those who have been marginalized, and to identify and remove barriers to access, build strong networks, and advocate for an accessible, equitable, and dynamic yoga culture.

Tuition for Conscious Marketing

We offer sliding scale pricing for this training:

  • $375 Community Rate: For folks who need financial assistance
  • $425 Sustainer Rate: Base cost of this course
  • $475 Supporter Rate: For folks who can afford to pay a bit more, you'll enable community members experiencing financial difficulties to join at a lower rate!

You may also choose to split the tuition cost into three monthly payments. If none of these price points work for you, there are a limited number of partial  scholarships available.

When you register for Conscious Marketing you’ll get:

  • Access to a student portal, where you’ll have welcome messages from Tristan Katz and recommended reading
  • 18 hours of live training with Tristan Katz: a place to learn in community with others on this path
  • Video archives with captions of all live content
  • A rich resource list that we will build together in community
  • Reflection prompts to deepen your learning
  • 18 hours CEUs (after completion of the course content, you may submit your certificate for contact hours through Yoga Alliance if desired)

Please take a moment to consider the intention of our scholarship program and equity pricing structure, which was created in order to amplify training access for those who hold marginalized identities and those experiencing significant financial hardship. If neither of those qualifications apply to you, we ask you to please consider other payment options, including our payment plans, or supporting others in our community who have decreased access to financial resources by enrolling as a Sustainer or Supporter, if this is accessible to you.

What they’re saying

Unparalleled support

Tristan and I have been working together for about a year now, and while I initially brought them on to do some little tasks like social media and email support, our working relationship has grown into much more than that! Amidst COVID and all the changes I’ve experienced in my work, Tristan has helped me with each pivot every step of the way. They have provided unparalleled support when it comes to email, social media, graphics, and more. But beyond that, they’ve been a strategy partner and a cheerleader, a sounding board and a truth teller.

“Apart from the digital strategy services they offer, Tristan is a gifted teacher and facilitator on equity and inclusion for yoga teachers and healers. They are skilled in both the heart-work and the practical stuff. Tristan offers simple steps you can take in your life and business to move toward justice and equity.”

Amber Karnes, yoga teacher, community-builder, and activist

What they’re saying

Professional, reliable, kind, and encouraging

Working with Tristan was a treat. Not only did they teach me the skills to feel confident using Instagram (which I was terrified of), they also helped me remember my WHY for doing this work. Tristan is professional, reliable, kind and encouraging. They have a rare and much needed repertoire of skills.

“They understand social media marketing, the culture of healers, coaches and yoga teachers, and embody a calm and grounding presence. Tristan helped me get clear about what I was trying to create and where I was getting stuck. They gave me practical tools to make marketing easier and took the time to teach me how to use them.  They were patient and in each meeting, they gave me more value than expected. As a self-employed coach building an online presence, I highly recommend working with Tristan. You will be grateful for their knowledge and support.”

Lael Petersen, LCSW

Frequently Asked Questions

What they’re saying

Entirely changed my perspective on marketing

I feel so fortunate to have connected with Tristan because they've entirely changed my perspective on marketing as a yoga teacher. I used to feel gross thinking about marketing because all of the workshops and teachers I encountered only shared tips for more likes, follows, etc. to get more sales. It lacked authenticity, and I felt like it was only perpetuating the myth that 'more is better'.

“Tristan's approach is different. They helped me see that it's possible to cultivate community through genuine engagement and service instead of just selling something. Tristan helped me get clear on my values and show up in fullness on social media. They are a constant source of inspiration and a champion for those who are underrepresented in our culture. They inspire me to do better, and I am honored to have the opportunity to work with them.”

Garrett Jurss, yoga teacher & tarot reader

Registration is currently closed.

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